Top Websites to download Past GCE Questions For Free

1. MeetLearn (Editor's Choice)

When it comes to clean and complete past Cameroon GCE questions especially in the sciences, MeetLearn is surely a giant in the field. It contains past gce questions from 2000 to 2018 in most disciplines both at the Cameroon GCE O and A Level. One thing that marks me so much about this site is that, it does  not only supply past gce questions for free but it provides to teachers syllabuses including the new CBA syllabuses just a single click. To Visit this site, click here meetlearn.com free download section. You can visit the Past GCE Questions directly

2. Cameroongcerevision.

This is by far the largest site containing Cameroon Past GCE questions. It has gce qustions at both O and A level in almost all subjects. This site also has short notes on some topics and videos to watch.

Visit CameroonGCERevision 



NB: Unfortunately these are the only two reliable sites we know at the moment. Do you think there is site that should be added in this list. Let us know by commenting below. 

 3. Kamerpower

This website is very vast, not only focusing on Cameroon but to many countries throughout Africa. It covers a wide range of topics including jobs, examinations and so on. From my experience on this site, it had links for past gce questions but was a little tricky to download. It looks like you must register before you download. Did someone experience that also? Please leave a comment. It was full of ads and posed a lot of problems downloading a past questions. Visit Kamerpower

4. The Big Brains

Pretty New by our findings but seems to contain Past GCE questions in many categories. One thing remarkable about this website is its easeness to download questions. Visit The Big Brains

5. Simplified Online Approach

Simplified online approach claims they have past gce questions and solutions at the ordinary and advanced level but these questions could only be accessed by registeration or login in if you are returning to your account. Visit Simplified Online Approach here

 5. Camexamen

Visit website here

6. SCribd

Visit website here