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Many people are more concerned with planning their vacation than planning their lives. This often they find out too late that there is not much ended their dreams and desires. Also, when building a network marketing business and are planning objectives is an important condition for success. Read below 10 ideas to help you set goals in your life. 

1. Make a list of things that are really important to you  areWhat is really important to you? Family ?, leisure ?, personal development, retirement?

2. Your goal off. Remember very well what you want to achieve, what is your goal? The more concrete the better. Consider then what you must do to achieve this.

3 See yourself in the future. E. Nightingale concluded after a study of what makes people successful: "We are what we think." The image that dominates our brains most of the time is how we ended up. Therefore, setting goals crucial in achieving success. It helps us keep the most important in life in mind. Nightingale says that the easiest way to achieve our goals is to pretend we have achieved already. In other words, walk, talk and pretend you experience all the success you look so forward. This acts as a self forfilling prophecy: where they believe, comes from.

4. Write 10 things you want to accomplish this year. By making a list of things you care about, you start creating images in your mind. These are your goals. These allow you convert knowledge into targeted action. When your goals are planted in your subconscious they will make you take action. Your behavior is influenced by your subconscious mind and the thoughts and ideas that you have in your subconscious - positive or negative-determine your actions.

5. Create your own storyboard. Take blank paper and paste pictures from magazines, magazines and newspapers on things that you want if you want to reach. We humans once thought in pictures. In this way, always keep your goals in your mind.

6. Write for yourself how your ideal day look. Write it in the present tense, as if it is so. Try to involve senses it. What you hear, what you taste, what you feel?

7. Visualize every day.  Every morning and every evening visualize what your goal is and how your ideal life looks like.

 8. Make a plan. Make a plan to reach your goal and resize it to daily steps so you know what each day to be your actions. Before going to sleep, make a list of the six things you will do the next day. In order of importance. 

9. Evaluate your actions. Evaluate every week and month of your progress. What went well, what can you improve. If you get stuck, ask for help. If something is not working, try something new. Do not be afraid to try new things. 

10. Never give up. Everything takes time, focus on your actions and not too much on the result, if you do your everyday actions and learn from it, then the result.

Cameroon GCE board on Friday, August 11th, 2017 released the results of the long awaited GCE session 2017. A partial release of the results indicates a drastic drop in the performance of candidates at the Advance Level. Statistics from the board shows that only 11670 candidates succeeded in the A/L out of 33037 who sat for the examination, only 1/3 of total students who answered present making a percentage of 35.52%. It should be recalled that 38000 students registered. Comparatively to 2016 results this year recorded a big drop in 2016 the A/L recorded 66.52% but in 2017 only 35.52% succeeded making a difference of 31 %.

In 2016 46000 candidates registered and 43000 sat for the examinations while 29000 passed. Meantime results of candidates who sat for the exams without prior registration have been withheld for further investigation. For the technical GCE 3472 candidates registered, 2567 wrote and just 574 passed with a percentage passed of 22.36% as against 54.33% in 2016. GCE Ordinary level results are yet to be published. To get your results send your candidate number to the number 8140


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