Cameroon GCE board on Friday, August 11th, 2017 released the results of the long awaited GCE session 2017. A partial release of the results indicates a drastic drop in the performance of candidates at the Advance Level. Statistics from the board shows that only 11670 candidates succeeded in the A/L out of 33037 who sat for the examination, only 1/3 of total students who answered present making a percentage of 35.52%. It should be recalled that 38000 students registered. Comparatively to 2016 results this year recorded a big drop in 2016 the A/L recorded 66.52% but in 2017 only 35.52% succeeded making a difference of 31 %.

In 2016 46000 candidates registered and 43000 sat for the examinations while 29000 passed. Meantime results of candidates who sat for the exams without prior registration have been withheld for further investigation. For the technical GCE 3472 candidates registered, 2567 wrote and just 574 passed with a percentage passed of 22.36% as against 54.33% in 2016. GCE Ordinary level results are yet to be published. To get your results send your candidate number to the number 8140




Though many think holiday is a period of leisure and rest for students, The Science Hub do believe that leisure and learning can be blended together to give the learner a more exciting experience during the holidays. It is with this in mind that The Science Hub is organizing a Special Holiday Program for students with special interest in the sciences. 

In other to make this program leisurely and more exciting, many activities have been added beside Science talks and lectures. Some of these activities include: Computer/IT studies, Hair Care, Home Sanitation, games and lots more. 

Besides organizing Holiday Classes, The Science Hub throughout the year pays special attention to students need in the sciences through her outstanding Repetition or Learner-assistant Classes that have helped countless of slow as well as fast learners obtain excellent results at the Cameroon Ordinary and Advance Level examinations. 

Douala is pretty busy. Many parents do not have that much time to invest themselves in the education of their children while some parents who have the time might not just know what to do or how to do it so these children end up being left to themselves in the sea of distracting activities. It is to this end that The Science Hub is here. Comprising of a group of experienced teachers of Lycee Bilingue de Nyalla and its environ, The Science Hub is committed to seeing every child succeed especially in the sciences. With The Science Hub, children are raised to think and analyze scientifically. 

The Science Hub also counsel and orientate students on choosing the right career. The Science Hub is there to meet all your educatonal needs and worries in and around Douala Cameroon.


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