10 Reasons People Fail in Network Marketing

1- Did I do my best ?

2-Did I do it the right way

3-What went wrong along the way

4- How can I do it better

1. Failure to take it as a business just like any other business

 -From the moment you register as a distributor, you are in business. 

- Be proud of your business - you are improving health+ wealth of others

-As a part-timer, give in at least 10 hrs per week  to talk to at least 5 people, present products and compensation plan to others

- Invite others to a seminar and be consistent in what you are doing. That's how they know you are serious. Do it non stop for at least 1 year


2. No Proper Business Plan

- No business in this world succeeds without a plan. Failing to plan in succeeding is planning to fail. 

- Plan Business strategies (Network expansion + sales growth)

- You Must be willing to invest in useful business building tools -audios, books, etc

- Execute the plan and evaluate its effectiveness


3. Failure to set Goals and Executing them

 -3% of the people in the world go around and the 97% just follow - the difference is in setting  Goals

If you can’t hit the target that you cannot see, how can you hit the target that you have not seen?

- Set a SMART goal

  • S- Specific - crystal clear with details
  • M-Measurable - with a deadline
  • A-Achievable - Realistic + within reach
  • R-Rate your goal
  • T- Track your Goal

 Execute Your Goals - ACTION

- Don't be a NATO - No Action talk only

- stay focus on your goal

- change plan not goal

-visualize and verbalize your goals


4. Failure To Educate Downlines and Duplicate Efforts

- Downlines are like babies - take care of them -teach them + lead them

-Put them on the right track from day 1

- First 3 times do the presentation for them

- The 4th and 5th time,  you do half

- 6th and above let them present and you just observe,  listen and chip in when necessary


5. Failure to be independent after three months

 - Learn everything about the business within the first 3 months: company, products, compensation plan

- Must be able to present business after 3 months

- The Longrich, or AIM Global or whatsoever network business is yours and yours alone as such you are responsible for your own success


6. Failure to practice what you have learned

- Knowledge is only potential power but applied knowledge is power. Its not what you know that matters but what you do with what you know

-Practice everything you learned about your business and learn to teach others too. 

7. Reinventing the Wheels


You must not start your own system before you succeed. Follow steps of those who are succeeding

-Follow the blueprint while striving to be better and not a competitor


9. Failure to work with uplines, sidelines and downlines

 -United we stand and divided we fall.

-Solidarity team spirit, teamwork is ideal in our business

- Uplines are like parents, sidelines like siblings and downlines like offsprings. You neglect them, you are neglecting the entire family where you are supposed to grow. 

Do to others what you want them to do to you and build your success on the success of others


9. Fragile Belief

Believe in the company, products, compensation plan, and educational system and most importantly believe in YOURSELF

You may not win with Belief but you will certainly lose without believing in yourself. 


10 Many People Quit too Soon 

- Nobody fails in Network Marketing. People just stop, I mean they QUIT SO SOON. 

- To go to school to qualify for a job that gives you like 200.000 FCFA a year takes not less than 14 years. During this period you had to persevere, learn even when you didn't want to. How come in Network marketing you want to have it in two hours or one week? only scams will promise you such dreams. Be ready to work, be consistent

and when your team is built, you will discover the power of Network marketing. Remember it is the only business you will leave for your offsprings. You can't give them your job.