General Knowledge Paper 1 (Major For IMC) -- Second Cycle


1. Give an exact description of a telephone.
A. The apparatus is made up of 0-9 on which call numbers are dialed. It is made up of the mouth and earpiece and a microphone
B. The apparatus is made up of 1-10 keys on which call numbers are dialed. It is made up of the voice and earpiece and the xylophone.
C. The apparatus is made up of 0-9 keys on which call numbers are dialed comprising also of mouth and earpiece and dicta phone
D. The apparatus is made up of a mouth and hearing piece and microphone, it is also made up of 1-9 keys on which call numbers are dialed.
2. From the listed means of communication, specify the most suitable that one can use to disseminate information to a large number of people.
A. Loud speaking telephone
B. Intercom
C. Voce bank
D. Tannoy
3. During the process of sending telex messages, and answers back code appears to indicate that
A. The receiver has the answer to your question
B. There is message that needs a reply
C. There receiver telex is engaged
D. The receiver telex is ready to receive the message
4. Attribute the right machine to this statement; Replicas of documents can be sent at any distance with complete accuracy by combining the speed of the telephone with the reproduction facility of the office copier.
A. fax machine
B. Telex machine
C. photocopying machine
D. Teletex machine
5. A system of conference that enables 2, 3 or 4 groups of persons to work together from a far distance through network is called
A. Meeting through telephone
B. Audio conference
C. Conference with three
D. Conference with two
6. A conference where participants see and hear each other and can equally exchange document is
A. Teleconference
B. Video conference
C. Visio conference
D. Visiography
7. The line that joins all the middle of the summit of the different rectangle in a histogram is called
A. Polygon
B. Curve
C. Frequency
D. X-axis
8. One of them is not an element found on a graph
A. Title
B. Scale
C. Key
D. Conclusion
9. When a programming flow chart is drawn, all the operations must be link by
A. Lines
B. Dots
C. Dashes
D. Arrows
10. To have the number of columns in a decision table, we use the following formula
A. 2^y
B. 2^n
C. 2^x
D. 2^c
11. In the SCOM diagram, what is zone 6 used for
A. The different posts
B. The operation realized in a literal form
C. The tile of the process
D. The graphical representation of operation
12. Factors to consider when choosing a communication means are;
A. Cost of equipment
B. Accuracy
C. Distance
D. All of the above
13. An interconnection of computers and associate hardware over a determine surface is called;
A. Hardware
B. Network
C. Wireless
D. Connection
14. The connection of the Ishikawa diagram is done in 2 stages. The stage one is to;
A. fine the effect
B. The role of construction
C. Draw the fish
D. look for the five Ms
15. It is a computer peripheral;
A. Speakers
B. Text
C. Program
D. Ram
16. Parties to communication include;
A. Sender and receiver
B Groups of persons
C Man and woman
D Children and adults
17. To calculate complete cost, the formula is
A. Variable cost + direct cost
B. Indirect cost + variable cost
C. Direct cost + Indirect cost
D. Fix cost + variable cost
18. Form of information include;
A. Written
B. Oral
C. Audiovisual
D. All of the above
19. Another name for sender and receiver in communication ;
A. Authors
B. Interlocutors
C. Translators
D. Communicators
20. An appropriate means of recording and displaying a holiday ROTA will be used to;
A. A follow up system
B. A desk diary
C. An overhead projector
D. A year planning
21. An employee’s role in an organization is better described in;
A. An organization chart
B. A staff manual
C. A job distribution
D. A personal record card
22. State the purpose of a checklist in an organization
A. To list cheques paid into a bank
B. To record cheques received in the incoming mail
C. To list the activities involved in a task
D. It is used as an inventory for recording equipment and furniture
23. Reminder of work schedule for future date would be given in;
A. A desk diary
B. View data
C. A booking form
D. A newspaper
24. A photocopier is used to make and exact copy of the original. This office equipment is also known as;
A. Diazo copier
B. Electrostatic copier
C. Moto copier
D. Dyline copier
25. A proposal of decision generally adopted is called
A. Motion
B. Resolution
C. Decision
D. Proposal
26. Choose from the following an output of the computer
A. Cursor
B. Keyboard
C. Mouse
D. Printer
27. Envelopes for circulars can be addressed by means of
A. A buster
B. A frankling machine
C. An assembler.
28. An office equipment which assembly pages into required order is called;
A. A Jogger
B. collator
C. A duplicator
D. An assembler
29. Which is the document which provides information for stock control cards?
A. A cheque
B. An advice note
C. A requisition
30. As a post office mailroom head, what will you do if you mistakenly frank an envelope with an excessive amount of postage?
A. Amend the amount with a pen and sign your name
B. Retain the envelope and frank another one with the correct amount of postage
C. Record the error on the postage amount
D. Destroys it and enters a credit entry for the incorrect amount
31. The provision of welfare services to workers is the duty of ………………………………………………… department
A. Administration
B. Purchasing
C. Human resource
D. Financial
32. What do you liken modern telephone switchboard?
A. A repertory dialing system
B. Liquid crystal display board
C. Telephone answering machine
D. Call connect systems.
33. Indicate the type of aid that a worker uses as written communication to
A. Pass on a message from one department to another a letter
B. A memorandum
C. Intercome
D. Telemessages
35. When choosing an apparatus of communication in an office, what are the factors to be considered?
A. How costly the apparatus is
B. The easiness in transmitting information
C. The newness of the apparatus
D. How long the appliance has stayed
35. Which of the following is an advantage of using machine in an office?
A. Machine increase fatigue
B. Machine increase productivity and time saving
B. Reduce output
D. Inaccuracy and illegible work
36. Heavy data,

37. Choose from the following reasons why workers do not want the introduction of machine in an organization
A. Labourers will be more useful
B. Worker often fear that they could be redundant
C. Workers will have much work to do
D. High birthrate and more workers
38. Which of the following describes the purpose of an office?
A. To file records of an office
B. To bring workers together
C. To keep workers busy
D. To provide services of communication and record management
39. State the two basics forms of office layout used by organizations
A. Enclosed and opened planned office
B. Closed and semi open office
C. Closed and semi closed office
D. Open planned and semi closed
40. Which of the three inland telecommunication services are provided by the post office?
A. Teletex internet and telex
B. Telex telephone and telegram
C. Fax, telephone and internet
D. Mobile phone, telex and teletex
41. One of the statements is an advantage of a dictating machine
A. Recording materials can often be sent through the post office
B. Helps in talking to the secretary
C. Enable information to be passed on to many persons
D. Helps the secretary to get the boss well
42. Choose four machines which are mostly used in the reprography department;
A. Stamp affixing machine, ink duplicator, date/ time machine guillotine
B. Ink, spirit, offset duplicators and electrostatic machines
C. Dictating machine, typewriter, computer and scanner
D. Telex, telephone, dictating and fax machine
43. Which machine will you use to produce one additional A4 sized program of a school activity?
A. Ink duplicator
B. Offset litho
C. Photocopier
D. Spirit duplicator
44. State the type of machine you will use to produce 250 copies of a written report that has excellent and quality character prints.
A. Spirit duplicator
B. Offset litho
C. Photocopying machine
D. Ink duplicator
45. …………………………. Is not a fixed means of signaling.
A. Colour of the card
B. Cut corner of a card
C. Perforation
D. clips
46. It is a system of filing used for filing maps plans, drawings
A. Vertical
B. Horizontal
C. Lateral
D. Suspended
47. Indicate the correct approach when leaving telephone message
A. After dialing, begin speaking
B. Speak fast to catch up with time
C. Ask who is on the line before you speak
D. Begin to speak only after the special tone

48. Which of the following can be used as information source, where a wide range of information can be accessed by the computer?
A. Local library
B. Reference banks
C. Data banks
D. encyclopedias
49. A group of work relating to a particular subject matter is called
A. Index card
B. Article
C. Record card
D. Rubric
50. Indicate the method that is needed to minimize space in an office when it concerns the storage of bulk files and document management
A. Folder
B. File
C. Micro filing
D. A big bag