What is MoMoPays? 

MoMoPays is a registered Cameroonian based Network Marketing Business that has a vision of raising many smart working Cameroonians to millionaire status by promoting financial literacy through the sale of an e-E-book that will educate you on how to handle finances and grow your own business, at the same time through the cost of buying the book (which stands at just 3.000 FCFA) you are given the opportunity to refer other people and get commissions for each referral. In less than three years, MoMoPays has registered more than 8.000 members and made more than eleven million payouts to hard working and deserving Cameroonians. 

What MoMoPays is Not

  1. MoMoPays is not for lazy people, it is for smart Cameroonians. You will not become a millionaire overnight, so if you are looking for magic ways of getting money, MoMoPays is not for you. However, one great thing with MoMoPays is that with just 3.000FCFA you can build great capital for your own business. 
  2. MoMoPays is not a scam, it is a legit business, registered in Cameroon with registration number: TPPRR/RC/LBE/2018/B/052. MoMoPays website is legally registered, secured and the founder well known, living in Cameroon and very accessible to the public.

How does MoMoPays Works?

When you register and buy the E-book by paying 3.000 FCFA, you are placed on level 1 which has a two commission level. Now, you can go ahead to talk to other people about MoMoPays, and for each person that registers directly under you(first generation) and buys the book at 3.000FCFA, you will receive 1.000FCFA as commission to your account. If the person you registered goes and register another person under him/her, you will receive 500frs from that second generation. 

Let's say you registered 10 persons directly under you, you will get 10.000FCFA  (1000×10) into your account) for that first generation at the end of the week, on Fridays. 
2) Let's say the 10 persons each register 5 persons making a total of 10 × 5= 50 persons you get 50 × 500 = 25000 into your account for that second generation on Fridays. 
3) Altogether that week you got 10.000 + 25000 = 35000 into your account
4) Payments are made every Friday into your Momo account

How to register at MoMoPays

1. Make sure you have 3.000FCFA in your mobile money account. 

2. Click on this link

3. Provide your first name, last name, phone number, city, username, password and confirm the password. Accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking the little white box. 

4. Login with your telephone number (the one with mobile money where the 3.000CFA will be deducted). Put in your password. 

5. Confirm your mobile money to buy the E-book. 

6. You will receive an SMS from MTN or Orange or EU mobile asking you to dial the code *126# on your telephone and confirm with your MoMo pin to purchase the book. Note: Please never share your MoMo Pin with anyone. MoMoPays will never ask for your pin. This step is done only on your telephone as you receive the message from MTN or Orange Express Union Mobile (depending on which payment method you chose).

7. You will receive a confirmation online on your telephone (the webpage you are registering on) telling you your payment is successful and you will be directed to your Dashboard. That is it!


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