About us

Our company

 MeetLearn Shop is the one stop online home of school and office supplies throughout Cameroon. We are the E-Commerce phase of MeetLearn.com, an online educational platform that brings teachers and learners to meet, connect, learn and serve since early 2017. MeetLearn Shop started in July 2020 by a team of three young men in the city of Douala.

MeetLearn Shop supplies school materials from Pre-Nursery to High School in both the English and the French Sub-systems of education in Cameroon. We also equip offices and work with many schools in setting up modern Libraries at affordable prices.


Whatsapp or Call:

(+237) 6 68 68 92 07

(+237) 679759947

(+237) 6 79 33 28 22

 Or write to shop@meetlearn.com

Our team

Our team is made up of:  

Memory Nkemjong 

Web administrator and Project Coordinator

Nzifor Tange Kingsley 

Sales Manager

Mbuta Sylvain 

Logistic Manager

Write to us at info@meetlearn.com if you are interested in joining our team.