ENS Bambili Economics 2015-2016

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Level: 1              Department: History            Time: 3 hrs

Instructions: Answer all the questions in Section A and choose a Minor Paper in Section 8; either
Literature in English or Economics. Select the most appropriate answer and write the corresponding letter (A, B, C or D) in the Ans“ er Booklet provided. Make sure you insert the
question paper inside the Answer Booklet before you leave the ExaminationHalI.


1. The French adopted the policy of assimilation for the following reasons Except:
a) To annex the economy of the ten‘itom'
b) To Change the habits of the natives
c) To protect the culture of the indigenes
d) To weaken the growth ofthe Nationalism

2. All the following EXCEPT one were the benefits of the English Baptist Missionary
Society in Cameroon:
a) Opening of the mission stations
b) The founding of Victoria
c) Despiteful of natives values
d) Opening of the immediate interior

3. The major political outcome of the l9Lh century Jihad in North Cameroon was";>
a) The introduction of Islamic laws
b) The formation of an intellectual class
c) The creation of Islamic theocratic states
d) The establishment of inter e lamidat relations

4. Biya’s policy of Rigor and Moralization led to the following EXCEPT:

a) Biya’s initial popularity
b) Ahidjo w Biya rift
c) Capital flight
d) The abortive coup d’état of 1984

5)Which of the following features was amongst the centralized and decentralized societies in Cameroon in the l9lh century?
a) Succession according to well defined rules
b) A hierarchical structure
c) The existence of secret societies
d) Lineage setups which start from the family