ENS Bambili Economics 2014-2015

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Level: 1              Department: History            Time: 3 hrs

Instructions: Answer all the questions in Section A and choose a Minor Paper in Section 8; either
Literature in English or Economics. Select the most appropriate answer and write the corresponding letter (A, B, C or D) in the Ans“ er Booklet provided. Make sure you insert the
question paper inside the Answer Booklet before you leave the ExaminationHalI.


 1. The primary objective of the Jihads of Modiha Adamawa was to:
a) Establish Fulani hegemony
b) Spread Islam
c) End Kirdi oppression
Cl) Capture non — Muslim

2. The principal pull area of the 19th century population movements in Cameroon was:
a) The Lake Chad Basin
b) The Western Grasslands
c) The Coastal Region
d) The Northern Region

3. The most important task of Joseph Merick and Allied Saker in Cameroon between
1844 and, 1884 was:
an Health
b‘)‘ Trade
0) Education
d) Evangelization

4. The missionary society that transform the socio ~
economic life of the people on the
coast of Cameroon before 1884 was:
a) The Basel Mission
b) London Baptist Mission

C) American Presbyterian Mission
d) The‘Pallotine Fathers

5.The most important outcome of the First World War on Cameroon was:
a) The territory became mandated to Britain and France
b) The partition of the territory between Britain and France
c) The war caused an atmosphere of insecurity and uncertainty
d) Massive migration of people to the Island of Fernando P0