ENS Bambili Economics 2014-2015

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6.At the [opening of the play, when Antony declares his love for Cleopatra, she sees it as “Excellent falsehood!” this device is:
a) An oxymoron
by) Contrast
c) Paradox
d) Irony

7. Which of the adjectives below best describes Rich in A Man for All Seasons?
21) Vindictive
b) Egoistic
c) Erratic
d) Comprehensive

8. What does the “The great Hairy” stands for in A Man for For All Seasons?
a) King Henry -
b)The Church
c) The Court
d) The State

9. Simple dialogue, surprise appearances, near accidents and abrupt reversals put The importance of Being Ernest in the Class of:
a) Trade —comedy
b) Musical comedy
c) Melodrama
d) Comedy of morals

10. In the play Lady Bracknell orders Mr. Worthing to rise from a “semi-recumbent posture "because it is most “indecorous" This means it is:
a) Socially decorous 
b) Socially deceitful
Cl Socially romantic
d) Socially indecent