ENS Bambili Economics 2014-2015

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11 .Which of the following goods are in joint demand?
a) Palm oil and palm kernel
b) Cell phones and SIM cards
c) Wool and lamb
d) Tea and coffee

12.Suppose the general trade union advocated for an increase in wages in Cameroon
and it is granted, which of the following is the possible effect?
a) An increase in the level of unemployment
b) An increase in transport cost
c) A decrease in the supply of labor
d) Cost —push inflation

l3.Which economies term best explains how capital expenditures respond to a change in consumer expenditure?
a) Samuleson’s oscillator
b) The Multiplier
c) The accelerator
d) Capital consumption

l4.What is the difference between Gross National Product at factor cost and Net
National Product at factor cost?
a) Depression
b) Gross Domestic Product
mic) Taxes and subsidies
d) Gross Domestic Product
e) Net Property income from abroad 

15. The demand for idle money balance is most closely associated with which of the
following functions of money?
a) Measure of value
b) Store of value c) Standard of deferred payment
d) Medium of exchange