ENS Bambili Economics 2014-2015

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11. The passing of the “Loi Cadre" in l956 had the following effects on French
Cameroon except:
a) The surrender of French control over external affairs
b) The creation of the post of the Prime Minister
c') The election of a single electoral collage
d) The granting of full universal suffrage

12. Which constitution granted Southern Cameroon a Quasi —
Regional Status in 19:74?
a) Ricard Constitution
b) Clifford Constitution
c) Lyttleton constitution
d) Macpherson Constitution

13. The political party in the British Southern Cameroon that was the flag bearer for
the reunification option was:
c) KPP
d) KUP

14. To prepare the Southern Cameroon Constitutional position for the upcoming
Foumban Conference, the people of Southern Cameroons organized the:
a) The Bamenda All Party Conference
b) Marnfe Plebiscite Conference
c) All Anglophone Conference
d) Tripartite Conference in Buea

15. British Southern Cameroon left the Foumban Conference of 1961 dissatisfied
mainly because of the adoption of:
a) Loose federation
b) Strong centralized federation
c) National capital in Yaounde
d) Election of president by Universal suffrage