ENS Bambili Economics 2014-2015

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16.September l, 1966, is a landmark in the History of Cameroon because the:
a) Gang of Four was Dismantle
b) Unitary state look effect
c) Cameroon Federation was dissolved
d) CNU was formally established 

17. It was a two-step process that started with the forging of a single party in East
Cameroon and its merger with the three parties that were operating in West
Cameroon". This is a Vivid description of the circumstances leading to the birth of
a) Cameroon Federation
b}. Cameroon United Congress (CUC)
c) Unitary State
d) Cameroon National Union (CNU)

18 .To ensure food self —sufficiency in Cameroon in the 19705, president Amadou
Ahidjo launched a political slogan code named operation:
a) Feed the Nation
b) Green Sahel
c) Green Revolution
d) Food for all by the year 2000

19. A common link in the foreign policy of Ahidjo and Biya was in the area of:
a) Establishment of ties with lsrael
b) Maintenance of closer ties with the Vatican
c) Admission of Cameroon in the Common Wealth
d) Upholding special ties with France

20.All of these aggravated the economic crisis in Cameroon after 1936. except:
a) The April 1984 Coup
b) Ghost Town Operations
C) Capital Flight
d)  High cost ofunitai'y structure