ENS Bambili Economics 2014-2015

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 26.Which of the following was a religious reasons for the Sokoto Jihad of Uthman Don
a) Exclusion of the Fulani in government
b) Introduction of Islamic architecture
c) Inclusion of Fulani in government
d) Introduction of Islamic theory

27. All of the following were resolutions of Berlin West African Congress except:
a) Support for African states against aggressive European
b) Freedom of navigation of major rivers
c) Confirmation of existing colonial positions
d) Opening of the African interior to missionaries activities

28.Christian missions in African after the establishment of colonial rule contributed
most to the:
a) Termination of polygamy all over Africa
b) Construction of roads and railways
c) Establishment of educational and medical facilities
d). End of European colonialism in the 1960s

29.Sierra Leone was important in the fight to abolish the West African slave trade in
the 19th century in all the following ways except:
a) Base of the British Naval Squadron
b) Base of the court of mixed commission
c‘) Venue for the dumping of freed slave from Africa
d) Venue where liberated slaves were deposited as re —captives

30 .The most important factor that effectively saved Ethiopia from European colonial
conquest in the 18905 was:
a) The treaty of Uceialli
b) Natural barriers
c) Menelik's victory at Adowa

 d) Menelik‘s military might