ENS Bambili Economics 2014-2015

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16. From  the words below choose one which best reflects a tendency very prominent in
The General Prologue and The Pardoner '5 Prologue and Tale.
a) Epicureanism

b) Chivalry
c) Extortion
d) Gluttony

l7. In which of the following poems is the rhetoric device of an apostrophe used?
a) “Olonkum”
b) “lbadan”
c) “Benin Woman“
d) “The Birth of Shaka"

18).0ne of the poems below best captures the notion of platonic love:
a) “Without You”
b) “Olokun”
c) “The Mesh"
d) “Song of Malaya”

19. Which of the following are true of Blake‘s “Songs of Malaya”
l. The focus is more on Children than on social issues
II. It is replete with echoes ofthe fall and creation
ll. lThe setting is usually night or forest associated with darkness and regret
IV. The setting and images are drawn from nature and the seasons
a) l and ll
b) l and IV
C) ll and ill
d) ll and IV

20.William Blake is all but one of the following:
a) Visionary poet
b) Romantic poet
c) Revolutionary poet
d) Classical poet