ENS Bambili Economics 2014-2015

Article Index

 21. ln l972, the Federal Republic of Cameroon became the United Republic of
Cameroon through:
a) A Plebiscite
b) A Reunification
c) A Referendum
d) A constitutional Amendment

22.Which constitution granted Southern Cameroon a Quasi — Regional Status in 1954?
a) Ricard Constitution
b) Clifford Constitution
c) Lyttleton constitution
d) Macpherson Constitution

23.Which political party formed a coalition with the New Deal Government after the
1992 legislative election?
a) MDR
c) UPC
d) CDU

24.Slave Trade was abolished in Africa mainly because of:
a) The pressure of the International Revolution
b) Missionaries preached against slavery
c) Bfitain spearheaded its abolition
d) The fear ofBlack slave agitations in Africa

25. The following were objectives of Christian Mission in Africa except:
a) Evangelization and education
b) Interest in the health of the masses

c) Improvement in agriculture
d) Improvement on the Euro —African relations