ENS Bambili Economics 2015-2016

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31 ) The most significant political impact of neo — colonialism in former French
Equatorial Africa is: p
a) Political instability leading to frequent coup d'e’tats
b) Prolonged stay of pro 7 French leaders
c) Regular hosting of La Francophonie meetings
d) French military intervention

32) FM Malan is important in the history of Apartheid in South Africa because:
a) lie banned the ANC
b) He won the 19-33 elections
c) He imprisoned Nelson Mandela

d) He officially instituted the policy of apartheid

33) Which of the following was the immediate cause of the GlOrious Revolution of .
a) King James foreign policy
b) The birth of Price wales
c) The pro catholic policies of King James II
d) The doctrine of divine right kings

34) The principal reason for Spanish intervention of in the American war of
independence was:
a) To win back Gilbrator
b) To regain lost trading in the Spanish colonies
c) To revenge her humiliating defeat in the hands of Britain during the seven ~vears'
d) To gain friendly relation with America

35) Which of the following was the main aim ofBismarck‘s foreign policy between
1871 and 1880?
a) To protect German Empire from French attack
b) To isolate Russia
c) To isolate France
d) To SeCure the friendship 0d Austria