ENS Bambili Economics 2015-2016

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21) The most significant outcome of the frequent border crisis between Cameroon and
Nigeria was:
a) The influx ot‘Cameroonians returning from Nigeria
b) Reduction in trade between countries
c) inflated Cameroon defense expenditure 3
d) increase death {are :-n both countries

22) Which of the following was the mas: significant impact 0: re abolition or slave
trade in West Africa
a) The growth of legitimate trade
b) Founding of Serra Leone and Liberia
C) European exploration
d) Increasing smuggling 

23)Which of the missionary body pioneered the successful introduction ot Christianity ,
in Sierra Leone
a) The church missionary society
b) London Baptist Missionary society
c) Methodist mission
d) Roman Catholic Mission

24) The most important event which spark off the scramble for Africa was:
a) British occupation of Egypt in 1882
b) The activities of King Leopold 11 of Belgium in Congo
c) The Berlin Conference of 1884 —
d) French invasion of the Mandinka Empire in 18908

25) The Bill of Rights of 1689 limited the power of the English King in all the
following ways EXCEPT:
a) The King was to summon parliament after every three years
b) The king could not keep a standing army pence time
c) All taxes had to be levied with the consent of the parliament
d) The king could be petitioned by the people